Monday, March 25, 2013

Finally, some photos!

Outside of our hotel.
Sightseeing in Struga, Macedonia

Today is wet and chilly so I finally had some time to post a couple of photos(by Lori) of our time here in Macedonia. I don't know how often I will be able to post photos since the internet connection is VERY slow. But, as you can see the landscape is beautiful.

Here are some updates: The little kids have been learning about love, joy, patience and self control. They have a lot of energy and sure keep Lori and I on our toes. :) Mark has been feeling a bit under the weather with a sore throat so please pray for him, as well for the health of the rest of us! It seems like the jet lag is really starting to catch up with us and we have been struggling with lethargy and just feeling "out of it". The teens have really connected with Ben and Steve, so thanks for your prayers regarding that! Today the teens successfully launched the rockets they have been building with Steve. The whole team watched, and even some locals gathered around to enjoy the show.

It still seems like a dream that we are in a completely different part of the world. "The Call To Prayer" ia broadcasted five times a day from the local Mosque, and you realize how far away from home you really are. The Iman(Spiritual leader of the mosque) chants "Allah akbar", which means "Praise be to Allah" over a load speaker. We can hear it from inside our hotel room. It's strange to think this is "normal" here, and you realize how much of a minority a Christian is in a country like Macedonia.
Noah and Mark, getting ready for the rocket launch.

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